Watch Russia Test Its Spine-Chilling ‘Mach 7’ Missile

Russia Zircon hypersonic
Is the U.S. prepared to counter this hypersonic monster
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Russia and their Ministry of Defense released new video of the country’s Zircon hypersonic weapon system. The missile is designed to attack ships and land targets, flying at speeds of nearly Mach 7. Zircon’s speed, like all hypersonic weapons, lets it destroy targets on short notice while enemy defenses scramble to shoot it down.

The Russian Navy frigate Admiral Gorshkov launched the test missile in the Barents Sea earlier this week. The missile was aimed at a ground target located 350 kilometers (217 miles) away. The Ministry of Defense said the missile achieved a speed of “about Mach 7” (about 5,370 mph) and claimed the weapon will eventually equip surface warships and submarines.